Three Simple Tools To Create a Small Business Website

If you are a business owner you might think about a website for your business. For many people your presence on the web is a business card of business which definitely makes the first impression of you and services you offer. It should be all important to have a website that shows potential customers who you are and what you can do for them.

 If you don’t still have a website then these tools can assist you in bringing your own business to the Internet in order to attract more buyers through converting your website’s visitors to customers.

The first tool on our list is Google’s website maker. The company is trying hard to encourage small businesses to build a web presence. Google created an internet tool to enable anyone to make a website and arranging events in cities across the country to provide face-2-face training as to how to use the tool.

Using their tool you can pick up a domain of you choice and select a basic website design among available templates which Google claims to be customizable.

Who it is for: Anyone who doesn’t possess coding skills and is not going to hire a professional website designer or website developer.

Costs: It is free for the first year of usage. After that, you will have to pay $7 a month to keep your domain name and cover hosting expences.

Another tool is a website creation platform from Homestead which offers website creation capabilities, basic analytics of traffic to your website and hosting plans. Designs which are also based on templates are industry specific which means that once you’ve made a choice it comes with graphics and content specifically related to the selected industry. After that, you have an option to upload your own logo, images and type in information on your business.

When you finish all changes and put website online you will get a custom subdomain name and an email address. There will also be an option for you to keep track of all visitors coming to your website by means of analytics tools coming with every website.

Who it is for: Although you can customize templates in general customization is rather limited. Homestead can be good for businessman whose main goal to have a website is to attract customers to a brick-and-mortar store and not to try to communicate with them through website itself.

 Costs: The service costs $5 a month but you are given a 30-day free trial to give it a try.


The last one is not completely for website building but rather for business that are only staring out. It helps business to create impressive “launching soon” webpages to promote upcoming start-up or business. The one can make updates to the launch page that have tight integration with all popular social networking websites so you can keep everyone in you network informed of your changes.

This also makes possible to collect email address and send e-Newsletters to potential customers.

Who it is for: Companies with an exciting business idea which want to start with a solid user base as well as established companies which want to make a buzz around their new service or product.

Costs: As of now it totally free to create a launch page with LaunchRock software, and all current features are free to use. The LaunchRock developers are working on commercial premium extensions to their product.



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